Hyperhidrosis awareness month 2021 – win Hidroxa SE 20

Did you know that November is Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month?

Hyperhidrosis (also known as excessive sweating) can be a devastating condition. It has a huge impact on quality of life, and even prevent those who have it from carrying out everyday tasks. It is believed that about 1-3% of the world population suffer from excessive sweating. Living with hyperhidrosis is quite challenging and our goal is to destigmatize this condition. We work on improving the quality of life for hyperhidrosis sufferers by providing support and advice, and continuously advocate for new treatment options.

There is a need to raise awareness of this condition and to make appropriate treatment available to patients. Many people still don’t think anything can be done about it. Secondly, they are still too ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. Moreover, they frequently report frustrations or problems with things most people take for granted. This involves things like shaking hands, using the keyboard or writing on a piece of paper.

No one with this condition needs to feel alone. It’s important to remember that hyperhidrosis is a treatable medical condition. Therefore, raising awareness is the key if we want to make people feel comfortable enough to come forward to ask for help and advice. 

The goal of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month

Therefore, the goal of Hyperhidrosis Awareness Month is to promote awareness and communication about the emotional, economic, and life impacts of people with hyperhidrosis. The objectives are to:

› Raise awareness and knowledge about the condition among public and healthcare professionals

› Increase public understanding of this debilitating medical condition

› Provide access to correct information on available treatments that can effectively control sweating and improve patients’ daily life and quality of life

› Advocate for new, effective hyperhidrosis treatments 

As part of our mission, we are continuously working to reduce the stigma of hyperhidrosis. We try to influence the change of attitudes and behavior of other people towards people with sweating problems, so that they do not have to live in shame, isolation and silence.

Here are some suggestions on what we can do as individuals to reduce the stigma of hyperhidrosis:

– Talk openly about hyperhidrosis with family, friends, or using social media

– Educate yourself and others – respond to misperceptions or negative comments by sharing facts and experiences

– Seek treatment and be honest about it – normalize hyperhidrosis treatment, just like other health care treatment.

– Share your hyperhidrosis story in the media but also let them know when they promote stigmatizing content or ideas

– Never use negative or discriminatory terms that would be offensive to the people with hyperhidrosis

– Show compassion and empathy for people with hyperhidrosis

In addition, stigma and lack of public knowledge worsen the impact of the conditions on patients. Therefore, there is a need to increase understanding of this debilitating medical condition among public and healthcare professionals. We are here to provide support and advice while listening carefully to the stories of people with hyperhidrosis.

About iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a scientifically proven method to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) of the hands, feet and armpits. The method has been around for decades and, if used correctly, it can provide outstanding results. The treatment isn’t painful, but you might feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin during treatment. There are no significant or serious side effects, and the benefits are long-term when you maintain your treatments regularly.

Each treatment lasts 20 minutes. Most of our customers saw first results after only 2 weeks. Later, when you start feeling the effects, you will have to find what treatment regime works best to maintain your results.

If you suffer from excessive sweating, but have never heard of iontophoresis treatment, be sure to check out the iontophoresis page.

Do you live in Sweden and want to try an iontophoresis machine? Keep on reading because now you have a chance to win one for yourself.

Hyperhidrosis awareness month contest – Enter to win a Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis machine

We are happy to announce that this November we have teamed up with the Swedish Patient Association for Hyperhidrosis and decided to organize a competition in which you will have a chance to win our Hidroxa SE 20 iontophoresis machine.

This competition may be a great opportunity for you, to put your own effort into tackling excessive sweating. You just have to fill out a quick form and submit your application through this link.

The winner will be announced on December 8 at the 10th anniversary of the Swedish Patient Association.

Who can participate? The competition is open to Swedish people only.

The Swedish patient association for hyperhidrosis

The Swedish patient association for hyperhidrosis has a goal to represent the interest of people suffering from hyperhidrosis, pathological overproduction of sweat. The association was formed in Sweden in 2011 by a group of patients from the Sweat Clinic in Stockholm. 

The purpose of the association is to ensure that people suffering from excessive sweating have the right to funding treatment by the authorities. Most importantly, their goal is to share the knowledge and appropriate information about the condition. In addition, they work to establish contacts among patients and support further research on hyperhidrosis.

Although the patient association is based in Stockholm, it’s open to anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis, no matter what country you live in.

Get social – spread the word

Hyperhidrosis leads to negative effects on the quality of life of patients. This results in social and work impairments and emotional stress creating a negative self-image and fear of people’s reactions. However, many people with this condition don’t realize they have this condition, or that it even has a recognized medical name. They even do not know that there are clinics they can go to and get a diagnosis and treatment.

Why? Because there is a lot of shame and embarrassment involved; patients don’t speak up or think it’s not a serious enough problem to mention at all; therefore, hyperhidrosis is under-diagnosed and under-treated.

There are many ways to bring awareness about hyperhidrosis. One way is through engagement on social media.   

This month, help us spread the word about the emotional, economic, and life impacts of this condition by sharing your experiences with your followers on social media.

The more people hear about it, the better! It only takes a few seconds, but it can have a lasting effect.

Spread the word by using the hashtags #HhAwarenessMonth #MyHyperhidrosisLifeStory and #HidroxaSE20. We hope you feel comfortable enough to support this campaign by sharing your hyperhidrosis journey. Tag us on social media too so that we can support you.

If excessive sweating is affecting your life too – you are NOT alone! Together, this month, let’s work on breaking the stigma associated with excessive sweating.

And throughout November be sure to frequently check our website www.hidroxa.com, and our social media to join the conversation online: