New season, new possibilities!

Hi everybody!

We hope you had a great summer despite the extremely hot weather that hit us in Sweden. The summer is a season evokes many different emotions for everyone with hyperhidrosis. Autumn has arrived and maybe it is a relief to avoid the heat and regulate the warmth and sweating with layered outfits. We at Hidroxa are excited and are looking forward to new possibilities for what the second half of this year has to offer!

After this summer, we have started a cooperation with Rikshospitalet, the Oslo university hospital. Of course, we at Hidroxa want our consumers to feel safe and comfortable with their purchases. Maybe you are wondering if it is worth to buy and own an iontophoresis machine or if the treatment even works on your body. Therefore, we always give you a 50-day money back guarantee but we are trying to go further than that. By cooperating with the Oslo university hospital you can as a patient start a treatment at the clinic, and if it is working for you, continue the treatment by yourself at home. We are hoping for more cooperation’s with different clinics all around Scandinavia as soon as possible.

Svettpodden, that Sandra takes part in, is continuing to release fresh, interesting and funny episodes. The latest episode is about children, adolescents and pregnant women with hyperhidrosis. What can we do as parents if your children are showing signs of having hyperhidrosis? You can listen on the episode here.

Have a lovely autumn day!

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