– stories from swedish hyperhidrosis patients

November, also known as Hyperhidrosis awareness month, is now also active in December thanks to hyperhidrosis awareness ambassadors. During this year we have worked hard to spread knowledge about awareness and give people that approached us with possible treatment information. 

As a part of this, our doctor and co-founder, Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, has started her own Instagram account: dr_sandra_hyperhidrosis

Dr. Sandra daily communicates with patients around the world about hyperhidrosis, iontophoresis, and daily struggles related to excessive sweating.

She saw a need to gather more real-life stories and knowledge about hyperhidrosis. Information is circulating quickly in the hyperhidrosis society, but it is hard to differentiate credible sources from false ones.

Because of that, a lot of people are reaching out to Dr. Sandra Eriksson Mirkovic, with their stories and questions.

“I am grateful for the big interest, responses, questions, and positive comments as well as many followers in a short time.”

Sweat life campaign

In the spirit of hyperhidrosis awareness, we are happy to inform you that a hyperhidrosis movement “Svettliv” is ongoing in Sweden. 

This campaign is a product of collaboration between the Swedish hyperhidrosis association and Dr. Carl Swartling who is a leader in hyperhidrosis with about 20 years of experience in handling this diagnosis. 

Sweat life means that stories from patients with hyperhidrosis and how the disease has affected their lives are published regularly to try to shed light on what it really is like to live with the disease.

The hope is also that the campaign will put the diagnosis on the table of influencing politicians and decision-makers. The goal is to allocate resources to ensure that knowledge and care become available to everyone.

There are a few enthusiasts working on the campaign right now, but more people would help to be more successful. Above all, several spokespersons who can speak for the campaign in contact with authorities and the media would be a great addition to the movement. 

Of course, anyone who wants to participate in the project will have full support from the association, and members of the movement.

If you think you can contribute, contact the Swedish patient association immediately: [email protected]

We must not let this great chance to slip from our fingers!

See the Svettliv campaign here: