Swedish podcast and iontophoresis

In the latest episode of the swedish podcast about hyperhidrosis, Svettpodden, Emmili and Sandra talk about different methods of treating excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis. De speak about iontophoresis, Miradry, among others. Sadly, we see that the situation for patients with hyperhidrosis i still pretty bad. Information about the hyperhidrosis itself as well as treatment options is scarce and the medical professionals do not take the responsibility they should when it comes to informing and offering treatment options for these patients. We say thank you to Svettpodden for making it a little easier for at least swedish patients in this djungle of information.

A lot of people have shown interest in iontophoresis as a treatment option and a lot of people are very content with the method. We are very happy to be able to make a difference for you people out there suffering from hyperhidrosis.