The silent handicap

As you can read on our website “About us”, we are a small family business founded in 2015. We sell “sweat machines”, or iontophoresis machines with a “fancy” name, on the Internet.

Now you probably think “sweat machine”, what the heck is that? To explain, we need to rewind the tape a little bit and talk about something called hyperhidrosis and why sweat machines are needed at all.

All people, except for a few exceptions, sweat. It is vital to be able to regulate our body temperature. As all other functions in the body, it can sometimes become defect. You may sweat a little, as we’ll write about today, too much. When you suffer from excessive sweating, you suffer from a condition called hyperhidrosis. Between 1-3% of the world population suffers from hyperhidrosis. Many react with laughter, the first time they hear about excessive sweating. Sweating a lot, how problematic can that be? A very big problem, it turns out, if you speak with those who are affected. If you manage to get hold of someone, that is. For even if the disease is very common, the people with hyperhidrosis tend to stay under the radar because they are ashamed. To sweat a lot, maybe also smell bad, that must be because a person does not take care of their personal hygiene, right? Surely they do not shower very often? These are some common reactions, because almost nobody is familiar with hyperhidrosis, not even the healtcare system. When people with hyperhidrosis seek care, they are often misunderstood or questioned. This, of course, reinforces the behavior of hiding their problems.

There is no known cure for hyperhidrosis yet but it can be treated with a variety of methods, for example iontophoresis. We will come back to more details about treatment options in coming posts.

In this blog we will write about everything related to hyperhidrosis, and we hope that the blog can fill the gap of knowledge regarding hyperhidrosis that exists throughout the community and on the Internet today.

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